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"My biggest worry is that when I am dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it!"

Trout Masters

spike milligan


"All men are cremated equal"

Highly recommended

Fly Tying Company

James is giving a 10% discount to Westlow Mere Anglers!

Family run business based on the Staffordshire / Cheshire Border
Located 3 miles off Jct 16, on the M6, and stock many of the major brands.

Sat-nav: ST7 8JQ

Thanks James.


Fly of the Month:

Westlow Mere.

Jack Vallis

Jacks snake.

John Elk Hair

John's Elk Hair doing very well.

Trout Dying To Get a Good Photo?


We all should know the rules for releasing a trout with the best chance of survival, but there is one rule that is almost never included in articles about a successful release.

Click Picture for link!

Barometric Pressure – A fishy myth or an untapped resource?


Very interesting More here.

Charles Hopkins with a 15lb 2oz cracker to win the Westlow shield match today.Well done Charles top angling showing the seniors how to do it!! 15/04/18

Charles Hopkins

Once again westlow mere 10 lb Friday and after two hours wasted Carsington waters back to westlow mere and this pig 15 lbs 8 oz 9 stunning fully find bows wot a top fisherie thanks to all off you. Eddie Guest. 30/03/2018

Eddie Guest

A cracking Tiger Trout for Chris Ector at Westlow Mere. Cris had 19 All good sized Trout.

Chris Ector

11lb 8oz for Brian bedrock at Westlow today 14/04/18


15lb rainbow for Mike Richardson at Westlow. 14/04/18


“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, you’re too busy.”
Buddy Ebsen

Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer Tying a Pheasant Tail Nymph 

Frank Sawyer catching Trout

Frank Sawyer catches Trout 

Tying Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug with Davie McPhail

Trout Taking a Mayfly Sawyer Nymphs.

MayflySatisfaction of catching a fish on your own fly.

There is something very satisfying about catching a fish on something that you made with your Imitationown two hands.

Click for youtube videos of flytying.


Fly Tyer of the Month:

Bill Shuck ~ In Loving Memory..

Bill Shuck

There is a sad, empty space in our game today with the recent passing of a great man, angler & fly tier, Bill Shuck.
I met Bill at the Flymph Forum where he was a highly respected & honored member. We became friends & correspondents, Bill assuming the role of a kind & insightful mentor. He was a brilliant man with an inquiring mind & we discussed many of our shared interests, including politics, architecture, literature, life, & of course angling & fly tying. Serious health issues toward the end of his life kept Bill from being able to do much physical activity, however that didn't stop his active mind. An English & Literature teacher, Bill was a man of letters, so in the last days of his life spent his time corresponding with & entertaining his many compatriots.

From an article in the Soft~Hackle Journal July 2019 by  Steven Bird.

Jim kenny Bill a gentleman and excellent tier.

Jim Kenny

Click images for a more detailed view.

Having tied and fished dry flies for years, Bill Shuck, aka "tie2fish" to his online friends, began tying soft hackled wet flies in 2008 after an employee at his local fly shop showed him an English red grouse skin and some spools of Pearsall's Gossamer thread.  Bill started out tying sparse North Country spider patterns, and later learned how to emulate the basic traits of the fly style called "flymph" by V.S. (Pete) Hidy.  (Bill credits Pete's son Lance Hidy with being of immeasurable assistance during this learning process.) from OLD HAT FLY TYING

click pictures for better look.

Brown Bear Caddis Flymph.

Brown Bear Caddis Flymph

Hook:  Daiichi 1120, #14
Thread: Pearsall's Gossamer #17 brown
Hackle:  hen saddle, light brown
Rib:  flat tinsel,  gold,  x-small
Body:  80/20 blend of brown phase black bear and hare's mask spun with #6a (light orange) gossamer using a Clark's dubbing block

Alpaca March Brown Flymph.

 Alpaca March Brown Flymph

Hook:  Mustad 94842, #12
Thread:  Pearsall's Gossamer #19, hot orange
Hackle:  partridge, brown
Tail:  partridge, brown
Rib:  braided tinsel, gold, small oval
Body:  brown alpaca wool spun on Gossamer #19 (hot orange) using a Clark's dubbing block

Conover Flymph.

Conover Flymph

Hook:  Mustad 94842, #12
Thread:  Uni-Thread 6/0 black
Hackle: hen saddle, golden badger
Tail:  hen hackle barbs, cream
Body:  50/50 muskrat and red wool with a touch of cream seal spun on Gossamer #13 (crimson) using a Clark's dubbing block.

Deleatideum Flymph

Deleatideum Flymph

   (a New Zealand mayfly)
Hook:  Mustad 94842, #14
Thread:  Pearsall's Gossamer #14 (claret)
Hackle:  one each hen saddle, grey and badger
Tag/Rib:  flat tinsel, gold/silver, small
Tail:  bronze mallard flank barbs, 3 ea.
Body:  70/20 blend kit muskrat and hare's ear spun on Gossamer #10 (ash) using a Clark's dubbing block

 Grey Fox Flymph.

Grey Fox Flymph

Hook:  Daiichi 1550 #14
Thread:  Pearsall's Gossamer #19 (hot orange)
Hackle:  partridge, grey
Rib:  flat tinsel, gold, small
Body:  50/50 blend natural hare's cheek and Hareling dubbing hare's ear spun on Gossamer #19 (hot orange) using a Clark's dubbing block.

Article Here

Just Emerged PMD.

Just Emerged PMD

March Brown.

March Brown

Allsumer Spider.

Allsumer Spider

More flies and Artical here

Soft~Hackle Journal July 2019

Westlow Catches.

Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.

Fantastic fishing Another big fish from Westlow 10lb 1oz


Big fish for Bob Marshall at Westlow today. 10lb 1oz 27/01/2018



17lb rainbow for John Shell part of a 14 fish haul including a 10 lb rainbow 14/04/18.

John Schell

Whatever your appetite in trout fishing there is something for you at Westlow, from specimen hunting to purist fly fishing.

18 acres of high quality gin clear water giving a stable environment with plentiful fly life producing hard fighting fish.

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

Isaac Asimov


The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. Isaac Asimov


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"The solution to any problem -- work, love, money, whatever -- is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."
~John Gierach

Peder Wigdell

Lowrider step-by-step.

Peder Wigdell


Hi Jim
No relation to Malcolm, but had a good look at the web site looks fantastic, will be coming soon.
Clifford Greenhalgh

Hi Jim It was a pleasure to spend some time with you on Sunday. I've been using your dubbing today and will be trying the flies on Thursday.

John Walker

Great to see you at the North Wales Country Show. Learned a lot and had a very pleasurable experience all the Guides were going round discussing your demonstrations, well done.

John Mercer.

What a great web site loads of information I like the idea of you having a league table of Midlands fly fisheries. Keep up the good work not many fly fishing sites about that don't want to sell you something!

Jack Right.

The Original Westlow Mere Web Site.

TEL: 01260270012

Rod Average: 3.66 week ending: 13/10/2019

Next League fishing Match Sunday 20th October.




This morning at Westlow Mere 21/03/2019 just thought I would pop down to try a new floating line out and what an experience! Jack Vallis

Jack Vallis was there and I lost count at 14 of the number off fish he had, including this monster and I was only there a couple of hours.

Jack was fly tyer of the month for January; this just shows both the quality and effectiveness of the flies he ties. The fly that was most productive click on fly of the month tag top right of this page.

Jack Vallis  Age-32 Job- Royal Navy engineer (15 years) Royal Navy fly fishing team captain

From Liverpool enjoys competition fishing on large reservoirs, likes to go to still waters for pleasure fishing.

Dave Woodward

From Mike Richardson.

What a Birthday for Dave Woodward.


This Fish was caught in the shallows what a fish would make anyones birthday.

He caught 7 fish in total and had a 10lb
+ Brownie on the far side of the deeps What a birthday!!

Tuesdays weather 8:00 10 / 8 °C More clouds than sunWind Humidity 92% Barometer 1052 NWind: 3.728: 9.943 mph. 12:00 13 / 10 °C Mostly cloudy. mph WSW.





Westlows Aeration. (21/11/2018)

I think everyone would agree that 2018 was an exceptional year with high temperatures prevailing for many weeks, making fishing of any kind difficult if not impossible throughout the summer!

So at Westlow Mere we have taken the decision to undertake  a major development and implement Aerators into the deeps. John  We have installed 3 compressors which will feed  air through a network of pipes around the site, this air is fed through diffusers in 9 positions in the lake,  bubbles lift water from the bottom of the lake to the surface where it absorbs oxygen, this process also mixes the warmer water at the surface with the colder water from the lake bed, by constantly turning the water over in this way we Boatcreate a better overall oxygen level and a more even temperature, this will not only be beneficial to the fish, but  means more natural food and fish that feed harder and for longer, thus producing better growth rates and better catch rates. .
Another big advantage with this system is it can be used to de-ice the lake in winter.
However, each Angler must play his or her part in maintaining the correct stocking levels for the lake by taking fish, catching good fish means maintaining an excellent environment for fish to thrive.

Stocking today with a selection of large trout.


One of the fish Stocked 19lb fighting fit Rainbow Trout.

Large Trout

Westlow is Fishing its head off, great work Johhny Oliver. See below!

One of 20 fish I had at westlow mere today (my first time)
Returned to fight another day, 19/03/2018 Jack Vallis
John estimated it as 12.5lb
Cracking days fishing, blue Flash Damsel doing most of the damage!


Paul Wilson
10 March at 19:41 ·
First time fishing west low mere today! What a day 22 to the net, 3 over 6lb, 1 over 10lb, and to cap it off a 17lb 2oz. Cracking lake and run well, thank to all especially Eddie Guest.

Another cracker from Westlow today 13/03/2018


10 lb 4 oz one of two doubles today only fished 6 hours but I had 22 well done westlow mere just gets better and better. Eddie Guest 10/03/2018

Eddie Geust

10lb 4oz rainbow from Westlow today 07/03/2018


Large Rainbow 11lb 4oz from Westlow 20/02.2018

Big Rainbow

7lb 10oz tiger from Westlow today 20/02/2018

Tiger Trout

Great fish one of 22 fish for Eddie today at Westlow. But paddy caught 34 top angling lads

Eddie Guest

Great fish ed first wild brown this year


Another big fish for Chris Ector. 11/2/2018

Fly used Green Snake 8lb 10oz, not the snake the fish.

Chris Ector




Unbelievable day fishing at west low mere today 34 fish lost 12 at the net stunning fisherie gin clear water sight fishing with dry fly took six the rest came to buzzers and my take on the apache thanks to all the staff

fishing 20/1/2018 at Westlow Mere 32 fish to the boat lost loads at the net well done David Tompkins 22 off the bank top man. Eddie Guest.


Click image bellow for Video

Eddie Westlow4 Stocking 3


Cracking day in the float Tubefishtube

today at Westlow Mere just outside Congleton. Into Fish from the off and caught steady in the five hours managing 38 to the

tube with some quality trout in the mix.. Lost a good few mainly to double hookups so fished single fly for most of the day on the lure rod but did catch a good few on the nymph rod with buzzer & db’s.. NW Nomads's


Westlow Mere is a water run for Fly Fishing by Fly Fishing enthusiasts with friendly service and good advice, the best areas to fish, flies to use and the best method to employ.


Weather Here.

Catch Returns Miscellaneous.



Rod average 2.46.  

Angling report w/e 24-03-19

Once again this year heavy rain and strong winds heralded the start of the 2019 Season sending waves crashing over the Dam wall for the first 3 days. This, combined with a considerable influx of cold, coloured water from the rivers produced a tough start for some.
During the following days the water clarity improved and on warmer, less windy, days fishing improved and some good bags were recorded.

Towards the end of the week in flat calm conditions large numbers of rising fish were seen all across the South Lake feeding on terrestrial cow dung flies and the start of the buzzer hatches. Some early chancers have caught on dry flies but the majority of fish are responding well to Montana, black & green lures, small black Cormorants and Cat’s Whiskers on intermediate lines. A steady retrieve is certainly a good tactic to employ in these early days of Spring with fish closer in to the banks and feeding avidly.

The initial pre-season stocking of 4,000 fish and a continued weekly stocking policy, combined with a significant head of resident fish, should ensure improving returns if the conditions remain favourable.
Notable returns this week include on the 19th for Permit holders Mr. Derek Cope and Mr. Mick Cope with both recording fish of 4lb plus from the South Lake banks. Mick just sneaks best fish of the week with a 5lb rainbow caught on a Cat’s Whisker and safely released ; Permit holder Mr. Alan Deakin recorded a total of 7 fish from the South Lake banks, all caught on black buzzers and lures. The 20th saw further improvements with Season Permit holder Mr. Peter Jeffries returning 15 fish – all caught on small white lures from the South Lake banks. The 21st was opening day for non-permit holders and proved fruitful for Messrs Bruce Burton and John Graney with a total of 27 fish to their boat in near perfect conditions, again black & green lures proving to be irresistible to the trout ; on the same day Season Permit holder Mr. Alan Miles bagged up with his 8 fish limit from the South Lake banks and visiting rod Mr. G. England found that a black & green Cormorant was a perfect choice, recording 7 fish in total. Winds swinging to the Northwest on Friday and Saturday saw slightly cooler conditions but Season Permit holder Mr. Phil Sadler still managed a decent 6 fish from the banks and Season Permit holder Mr. Barry Walker recording 7 in total.

The North Lake is currently closed to non-Season Permit holders until 1st May but the sport on the South Lake can be enjoyed by all.

Blithfield is once again a Troutmasters water in 2019– entry forms are available from the Angling Office and from the Boathouse..


Stocks Reservoir.

Rod Average: 4.50 fish per angler.

March 15th to March 22nd Report Author: Ben
Sport: Friday the 15th was quiet at Stocks with strong winds keeping most anglers away. However a couple of hardy souls, namely Andy Harrison and Russell Fergusson braved the weather and headed down to the jetty area determined to wet a line. They were rewarded too. They kicked off with nymphs with little success, then switched to Di3 line and black boobies. They counted the line down to 10, then slowly retrieved the flies home. Andy landed six fish up to 4lbs and Russell had two. Well done fellers.
Saturday was unbelievably wet and windy and a deluge of water came through the reservoir. Hats off to Duncan Watson who did his impression of lieutenant Dan from forest Gump. Unfortunately for Duncan the storm didn’t bring him riches, with no fish, he helped me bail all the boats instead. Cheers Duncan. 
Sunday 17th was a better day, reservoir was now coloured due to the amount of water brought by Saturday ‘s storm. We only had three anglers on the boats and the fishing was really tricky. Neil Heath landed one rainbow from Newclose, but it was a good one and tipped the scales to 7lbs. Karl Davis also had a fish on a Cats at the Dam.
Everyday since, the colour has been dropping out of the water and the clarity and catches increased together. The first half of the week was hard going from both boat and bank. However during this period Gavin Murray managed 3 fish on two days in a row, using various lures fished near to the Jetty. Also Paul Miller took two fish from Bell Point one of which was tagged and won him a £100 tackle voucher. Good Angling Paul.
By Thursday 21st things were picking up and a fresh stocking also helped to lift the sport. Ricky Newbolt had four fish to his boat from the Alders, however, it was in Hollins Bay where the best catches were caught. Matt Turner had 13 rainbows to Hollins to two trees. Matt used a small white lure on a floater. Ian Jackson had 11 fish on a bloodworm pattern fished on a nudge tip line. His best fish was a nice rainbow of 5lbs. Steve Mountain had 9 fish from the jetty area on a Cats variant, and Colin had 6 fish on a humongous from the same area.
The good sport carried on into Friday too. Martin Friend had eight fish on a black lure, once again fished on a floater. Stuart Halford had 11 trout using an SSI lune and an orange blob and Colin Fitzjohn had 12 fish from the jetty area on small lures.
Out on the boats Neil Heath had 9 trout on sparklers and Alexandra. Neil fished mainly in Hollins. The top catch however came to Neil Ashworth and Frank Bond who had 27 trout to their boat. Their best pattern was a black n gold humongous. Good Angling fellers. Tight lines Ben
This entry was posted in Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports on March 23, 2019 by staff.

This week on Clywedog

Report to.

2019 Opening day 7th March bookings from the new year


 Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly Rod Average; 3.8

EYEBROOK weekly report week ending 24th  March 2019
Telephone Number: 01536 770264  lodge@flyfisheyebrook.co.uk
With an ever improving forecast we have enjoyed some good fishing at the Eyebrook this week with the bank sport improving towards the weekend
It was generally sinking lines working best in the morning with slow sinkers better in the afternoon, by the weekend a few rods were recording good catches to a floater.
Monday and the fish were a good cast off the bank, I Reeves & A Miller caught 6 apiece from the bank
fishing along Dogwood down to the casting platforms, Mr Christian caught 6 from a boat fishing his flies static
Tuesday and again the boats enjoyed the better sport with All Water member Ged Odonoghue & Steve Coe catching 17 between them on blobs, Fabs & cats whiskers, Bill Coppin returned a 5lb brown taken off the bank
Thursday and signs of improving, Mr Cox & Frith boated 18 fish taken on traditional wets & buzzers, Mr Guigan & Dimmick fishing a three day package caught 8 trout including an 8lb brown returned, photo on www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore  
By Friday the daily rod average was 5+ Mr Guigan & Dimmick boated 11 trout, Ian Jobe bank fished & caught 14 trout, member Keith Johnson caught 10 including 2 fish over 3lb finding his fish off Robbos`s with S Richards & C Richards taking to a boat for their 21 trout.



Draycote Water

weekly report week ending 24th March 2019

Weekly Rod Average: 9.74

Telephone Number 01788 812018
What a difference a week makes!?  With the strong winds behind us the fishing has been amazing all week with rod averages into double figures and cricket score catches coming from both boat and bank. It’s lovely to see that with the light winds and warmer temperatures the buzzers are back in a big way. Anglers are making the most of the hatches using teams of buzzer to tempt lots of hungry trout to the net. Overall 313 anglers visited the fishery landing a staggering 3051 trout for a rod average of 9.74
On Monday on the bank Messrs Masters & Wilson enjoyed good sport landing 22 fish between them. They found feeding fish in Dunn’s & Biggin Bay and used floating lines with a mix of damsels, black buzzers and nymphs. Also fishing the bank in Biggin Bay was Jim Hall who used small black & green lures and buzzers to land 10 cracking fish. Season ticket holder Ian Richardson had a great day in Dunn’s using Damsels to land 20 rainbows, whilst out in a boat, Guiding & Tuition Manager Tom Bird, took client Malcolm out for an 8 hour guide. He aimed to get his eye in before heading out to Corrib later in the month and enjoyed a great day’s sport landing over 25 fish under Tom’s watchful eye. Starting on buzzer in Toft the fishing was challenging without a good hatch. However, after a change to a sinking line and boobies, the day was turned around. Malcom caught well in Biggin Bay and his catch included a lovely overwintered blue of around 3 pounds. Later in the day Tom suggested that it would be worth a look over Musborough Shoal. A good call and Malcolm used the same tactics of boobies on a sinking line to land around 10 of the days haul from the Shoal. For more information on booking a day with Tom or one of the guiding team call the lodge on 01788 812018. All Water season ticket holder Ed Douglas opted to fish Middle Shoal and enjoyed amazing sport all day landing a total of 34 fish. Ed used boobies on a di 7 in the morning before switching to buzzers on a midge tip once the wind had dropped in the afternoon.




I have taken the difficult decision to terminate our fishing lease at Foremark, we will therefore not be opening for the 2019 season.
We have taken the decision due to the falling attendances at this venue during 2016, 2017 and especially during 2018
Severn Trent agents are I’m advised talking to potential interested third parties, when I know any further information I will make it available.
Ifor Jones


Rod Average 2.3

hornton Weekly Report
Week ending  24th March 2019
Better weeks weather with lighter winds and improving air temperature.
Monday rods took advantage of the first calm day, Steve Widram fished a morning session opposite the lodge catching 6 on boobies, All water member Paul Havard also caught 6 for his visit with Mick Glover fishing the afternoon fishing an intermediate with blob and claret nymph to catch 12.
Tuesday and another fine morning, Rodger Townsend fished buzzers to take 6 for his mornings visit, Peter Wrigley fished diawl bach to catch 13, Barry Deely caught 10 on diwal, orange hotheads and hares ears, all water member Nev Welsh ventured into the mouth of the Markfield arm catching 17 on boobies. Carl Bond decided to fish the bank and was rewarded with 6 trout on olive buzzer.
Wednesday and a slower day with Tony Lorrimer leading the way with his yellow bunny pattern catching 10 trout, D Harry & D Taylor bank fished opposite the lodge catching 12 between them. England Disabled angler H Pritchard caught 11 for his mornings visit using a cats whisker with Andy Warren fishing the afternoon session catching 5 trout on a Orange Blob
Towards the weekend anglers reported seeing increasing numbers of buzzers on the water with fish moving to these hatches across on the stones and in front of the dam, although these buzzer feeding fish proved difficult to tempt with Mark Hunt working hard for his  fish
Reservoir is currently 3ft down if your coming to fish the bank wellingtons or waders are recommended.
Water clarity is good


Day Permit Loyalty Card.

At Draycote, Thornton, and Eyebrook